Tucson Zine Fest

Partly Robot Industries will by tabling at the Tucson Zine Fest on April 15th. 10am to 4 pm at Subspace in the Steinfeld Warehouse (101 W 6th Street). Come see me in person. Come see other zinesters in person. Come peruse the wares. Lots of zinery to be shared. In Tucson! Can you believe it?

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Where We Belong

I’ve been forgetting to blog. It’s only one way I get my thoughts out there, but it’s an important way. It’s been hard because my thoughts have been exploding in all sorts of directions. It’s hard to pick which project to work on next. I have at least four creative projects within me that I […]

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Bachelors In Disability

I recently had a piece published on a website run by disabled people where important questions are answered from disable perspectives. My piece was about accommodations in the classroom. I won’t go on and on here. Just follow the link to read my Notes From an Autistic Paraeducator.

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Sticker Fun!

My latest funzies project is to Make 100 of these Booger Bear stickers. I’m doing a Kickstarter through the end of the month where you can order the sticker and also some cool add-ons. $2 gets you a sticker. Free shipping in the USA. My friend Rudy at Hex and Hew will be doing the […]

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Final VErsion

My new zine is finally done and ready for the world. The Kickstarter campaign failed, but that won’t stop me! The finished product with the finished title, An Actually Autistic Window on Economics, is live at my webstore. Use the code KICKED between now and December 19th to get 25% off your entire order.

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Economics Kickstarter Campaign

I’ve got the text all laid out and the weird illustrations in place. All I want to do now is print 500 copies of them. Why 500? Because that’s how many I printed of Ability, and that project went well. This is a fun book with a weird take on an intimidating topic. I really […]

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The Next Thing… Economics

This is the new project. What do I know about economics, you ask? Plenty! I’ve been scrounging spending cash and buying stuff with it for over 40 years now. My goal for getting this done is the end of August… give or take. Also, I’m rebuilding the deck. I might be getting in over my […]

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words words words words words. read some words. How do you like this Gertrude Stein pastische? words. words and words and words. Words no one will read.

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I’m not sure if blogs are even relevant anymore. I really don’t care to learn how to do Tiktoks, so I’ll probably wait till whatever replaces them. We went to see Tig Notaro last night. She was really funny. So that was cool. Other than that, I don’t have much to report.

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Curiouser and Curiouser

I went to see the preview night of Portland Center Stage’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I should probably have blogged about it right away, but I’ve been a lazy blogger the past couple years. I wasn’t getting out much for some reason. I’m glad the reasons to get […]

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