Curiouser and Curiouser

I went to see the preview night of Portland Center Stage’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. I should probably have blogged about it right away, but I’ve been a lazy blogger the past couple years. I wasn’t getting out much for some reason. I’m glad the reasons to get […]

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Stocking Stuffer Sale

It is with grudging resignation that I realize I will not be making it to any zine shows till sometime in the summer. But I have all this inventory that would love to find its way to interesting people as Christmas presents. Use the code NOVEMBER25 at the Partly Robot Store to get 25% off […]

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New comic

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. You know. Pandemic blues and all that. But I remembered drawing always makes me feel better. And Booger Bear always has good advice. Enjoy!

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Ability Zine!

I have a new zine ready for the printer. All I need is to round up the capital to print it, find a printer, pay for it, and do it! I’m well on the way to accomplishing most of that. For some of it, I’m launching a little Kickstarter campaign. My stated goal is to […]

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My button

The counselors at the school where I work have been making a strong campaign to expand gender awareness and acceptance among students and staff. Part of their campaign involved making buttons for all the staff stating our preferred pronouns. It got me thinking long and hard about my use of personal pronouns and how they […]

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The Beast Beyond Time, Part One

The eBook has arrived! The first 8 chapters of the new Larry the Horrible Time Traveler have been compiled into one easy to read eBook format. Just click this link to find the links to purchase on your preferred browser. The eBook contains a new introduction that will get you up to speed if you […]

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Jojo Rabbit

Go and see it already. It deserves all the Oscars that Greta Gerwig’s Little Women doesn’t get. Also, they should both be up for Best Director, but, sorry Greta and Taika, neither of you are both white enough and male enough to be nominated this year. Maybe collaborate next time?

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A long list of disappointments

I was tempted to write a post about the long list of things I find terrible or disappointing in this world and with just about everybody in it. And then I realized it’s 3:30 pm. I often feel like this around 3:30 pm. Other times of day I’m much more optimistic. So, I’m just going […]

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