Sticker Fun!

My latest funzies project is to Make 100 of these Booger Bear stickers. I’m doing a Kickstarter through the end of the month where you can order the sticker and also some cool add-ons. $2 gets you a sticker. Free shipping in the USA.

My friend Rudy at Hex and Hew will be doing the printing. He also makes a lot of cool stuff. Check him out and maybe even hire him for some design stuff. He likes to keep busy.

The Kickstarter is a quickstarter. It’s only running through the end of January. So make your pledge now! Here’s the link.

Of course, Patreon supporters should expect to find one of these guys in their next snail mail goodie delivery from Partly Robot Industries. Want to support on the regular and get early access to all my funzies? Become a Patreon supporter here.

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