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Book me for my talk, in person or virtual:

50 Minute Presentation

This presentation is perfect for schools, workplaces, and organizations that desire to increase their understanding of neurodiversity in the world today. The goal is to spread awareness, dispel inaccurate assumptions, and foster a more comfortable and accepting environment for everyone in your organization.
Bring your curiosity. Q&A session after the presentation.

What You’ll Learn:

– Background on the ‘Neurodiversity Movement’
– The Natural Prevalence of Neurodivergence
– Ways to be Neuro-positive

Andrew Coltrin

A.K.A. Partly Robot

I am a public school paraeducator by day and a neurodiversity activist the rest of the time. I have self-published zines about neurodiversity and neurodiversity adjacent topics. My writing has also appeared in the publication “Neurodivergent Pride.” In May of 2021 I presented at the Interdisciplinary Autism Research Festival.

I’m based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. I am currently working on a new nonfiction book, a time travel novel, and some comics.