Satellite Dream Pizza

I’m going to eat here in a little bit. Wish me luck.  

So… the verdict is, this pizza is pretty good. It’s on the pricey end, but they load the toppings on there like crazy. We were advised by friends to avoid the breadsticks. Probably a good call. The crust, while delightfully crisp, seemed a little on the bland side. A little mullety, I suppose. If the  breadsticks are made with the same dough, this could be a problem.

Robot does not live by breadstick alone.

One thought on “Satellite Dream Pizza

  1. Pizza is not, I repeat NOT, about the toppings. It is about the crust. Yeasty with enough elasticity and enough crunch. If you judge a Pizza by it’s toppings, go enjoy a Papa Murphy’s take and bake.

    Sorry for my strong Pizza feelings.


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