AS vs. NT Culture: Two Worlds, One Dysfunctional Family

Being partly robot can feel like this, too.

The Artism Spectrum

NMrelationships1FULLAfter several weeks of juggling various projects and generally bumbling the whole executive functioning thing, I’m finally getting around to transforming my presentation on neurologically mixed relationships into a series of blog posts. And I say posts, plural, for a few reasons.

For one thing, my presentation was just over an hour long. No one wants to wade through that wall of text. Plus, the actual content that I wanted to cover in the presentation would have taken an entire day or more to go through. Now that I can include everything, I will—it’s my blog, goshdarnit!

This post is an intro to the metaphor of neurotype as culture. In the following posts, we’ll begin the more in-depth dissection of autistic and neurotypical culture, and how these “cultural” differences affect relationships.

So, relationships…

As a child, I assumed relationships were something that just happened.

I knew that if a…

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