So Many Spider-Mans!

There are just so many Spider-Mans in that new Spider-Man movie. So many. If you like seeing a bunch of different Spider-Mans that you never knew who they were, they’re in this movie. There’s Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen, and a sweatpants hobo Spider-Man. And, get this. There’s even a Nicolas Cage Spider-Man! And he’s not even the main Spider-Man! That’s how many Spider-Mans this movie has! Enough that Nick Cage is a bonus Spider-Man!

Not just Spider-Mans, either. There are so many kinds of Spider-People. Plus Spider-Ham, a guy I haven’t seen since Marvel’s Star Comics imprint was a thing.

And there’s almost a Spider-Person who drives a Leopardon.



It’s more like this:


Still awesome. Maybe even more awesome. Peni Parker FTW.

Even the Nick Cage Spider-Man was kind of awesome. But, most of all, I want to see more Miles Morales. Lots more. Make more Miles Morales Spider-Mans, please! Sure, there are already about a hundred different Spider-Man movies that don’t really have anything to do with each other. Plus that singing Spider-Man with the Bono songs. But, besides that one, there’s no such thing as too many Spider-Mans. Excelsior!

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