Happy Death Day

Here’s the pitch: It’s Groundhog Day on a college campus, only the Bill Murray character is a blonde coed and the groundhog is a murderer. Also, it’s not winter and the blonde coed is close to naked, or totally naked, in many scenes.

Studio: How closely does this blonde coed resemble Bill Murray.

Pitch Guy: Not at all. She’s a hot blonde and we can tease the frequency of her nakedness in the trailer.

Studio: Sounds good, but is there anyway we can change the Sonny and Cher song to something less iconic? The licensing rights are going to be murder.

Pitch Guy: Done and done.

Studio: Oh, one more thing. Can we make the killer wear a distinctive, yet easily mass produced mask? There’s a marketing tie-in bonanza in Halloween costumes if we can get this thing in theaters mid-October.

Pitch Guy: Of course. What it we make the killer mask look a little like a groundhog face?

Studio: Cha-ching.

Pitch Guy: Is that a greenlight?

Studio: I said, “cha-ching,” didn’t I?

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