If I were to ask you if you’d be interested in a Spanish-Canadian production starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudekis, involving the secret personal politics of abuse that underlie kaiju vs. mecha battles halfway around the world, I hope you’ll say yes. Especially when I tell you it’s written and directed by a guy named Nacho. If that doesn’t get your butt into a movie theater seat, I’m worried we maybe shouldn’t be movie buddies anymore.

Oh. One more thing. It has the guy who played Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey in it. So, in a way, it’s kind of a chick flick. But one of those chick flicks that really only has one woman in it. And a giant monster and a giant robot breaking stuff in Seoul. But it’s really more of an indie movie, because, you know, they drink a lot of PBR and Stroh’s, the soundtrack is super cool, and the story doesn’t get tied up in a tight little bow at the end.

If you liked Safety Not Guaranteed, you’ll probably like Colossal. If not, we probably shouldn’t be movie buddies.

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