Calling Dr. Laura

Once upon a time Nicole Georges was on a zinester book tour that I was excited about going to. Unfortunately, she wasn’t on the leg that went through Tucson and I missed out. Later on, my daughter went to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls and, that year, Ms Georges was one of the organizers and co-M.C.s of the showcase that, not only gave some super cool girls a chance to rock out, but gave a loving, historical retospective of the first 10 years of RNRC4G.

I have to admit, I developed a but of a crush, but I was married and she was gay, so it was pretty much an admiration of charismatic creative energy kind of crushes that makes you want to read their books when you come across them in the library.

So, this summer, I’m taking a bit of a vacation week, and I stop by the library, and there it is: Calling Dr. Laura.

This book is Nicole Georges’ graphic memoir of a search for self-identity, parental acceptance, and love (from dogs, mostly).

It’s also deeply rooted in a pre-Portlandia Portland zinester scene that I really wanted to be a part of, but missed out on, because, hello, sometimes robots have crippling social anxiety. Also, I acquired a baby in that timeframe, which complicates things.

So, this book has left me quiet and thoughtful and nostalgic. It also makes me want to write my own graphic memoir. So, I suppose it means it’s inspirational. I liked it. I’m a moody and thoughtful robot. This is a good book for that.

5 out of 5 post-ironic whatevers

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