Repeater – Repeater

Silly me. I thought I’d write a music review. I’ve got 10 minutes before I need to scoot out for work, so let’s not expect any real depth or insight.

Instead, a short anecdote. Once upon a time I was in college. Let’s call this time the 90s, when only terribly privileged people had cell-phones and my two roommates and I shared a single dial up internet connection, but we didn’t care, because we had books and magazines and X-Files was always on each weekend, except during baseball season (which is why all the X-Files Halloween episodes aired around Thanksgiving).

We were happy. We ordered pizza a lot and never did the dishes.

One of my roommates had a friend named Steve Krolikowski. Steve was a cool guy who, at the time, was doing some sort of software internship and playing in a band. This was while I was washing dishes in a coffee shop and making zines and comics that, maybe, fifteen people read. I got invited to a couple parties at his house which where arty and cool in a way that put you in the mind of Richard Linklater’s film Slacker. He came to our house that one time we had a party that was like Richard Linklater’s flim Dazed and Confused, only without the marijuana… I don’t know, maybe that metaphor doesn’t extend very well. Anyway, I’d also run into him at Club Congress sometimes. One time he gave me a ride home, because I was the kind of knucklehead who would go to Club Congress without having a clear plan for how I would get myself the seven miles home afterward.

I guess I was always hoping I might find true love on the dance floor.

Never happened.

Anyway, Steve lived a couple blocks from Congress at the time. I’m pretty sure we walked back to his house and then he drove me home. I hope he was okay to drive. I know I wasn’t. But that was a long time ago.

College was over and he moved to L.A. and I didn’t hear from him for a long time until somehow one of us found the other on Facebook. Guess what. He’s in a band. The band is called Repeater. Their newest album, out for a couple months now, is eponymous. (If you haven’t been to college, that mean’s the album is also called Repeater.)

I’ve been enjoying the heck out of it. Especially this song, “Lonely” which reminds me of how I never found true love at Club Congress, but in a good way.

The album can be found wherever you find digital music.

Four and a Half out of Five 80¢ gin and tonics.

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