The Big Ole Mermaid!

It’s been too long since I blogotroped. I have no excuse, other than a general ennui with all things internet. But, as I was filling out my tax stuff, I realized that if I’m going to deduct my domain name registration as a business expense, I’d better get back to business. So, down to business. […]

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Happy Death Day

Here’s the pitch: It’s Groundhog Day on a college campus, only the Bill Murray character is a blonde coed and the groundhog is a murderer. Also, it’s not winter and the blonde coed is close to naked, or totally naked, in many scenes. Studio: How closely does this blonde coed resemble Bill Murray. Pitch Guy: […]

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Ingrid Goes West

This is a very compelling movie about how I really need to stay off of social media. But, seriously, it’s a film that follows you around afterwards, haunts your thoughts, and leaves you with an ending that isn’t exactly satisfying, but at least is more comforting than the ending it could have. Spoiler alert! O’Shea […]

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Coyote v. Acme

I gave this book four stars on Goodreads, but I feel like three and a half stars is the more accurate reflection of my rating. However, I did laugh a lot while reading this slim volume. Also, I picked it up from a thrift store in Tahoe city for less than a dollar. So, for […]

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Worst. Person. Ever.

Douglas Coupland’s Worst. Person. Ever. is not a socially redeeming book. Raymond Gunt really is the worst person ever. That being said, it is a funny book. Especially if you like crude humor, physical comedy, biological excretion jokes, and a protagonist who is a complete and total asshole of the type the comic actor Matt Berry […]

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I don’t blog enough

Facebook has gotten difficult. It used to be my psychic safety valve. It used to be that everyone who had privileged access to that rocky mess of the outward expression of my inscape knew what they were in for. Now, the damned thing is a burden. It’s every bit the morass of interpersonal and social […]

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