Satellite Dream Pizza

I’m going to eat here in a little bit. Wish me luck.   So… the verdict is, this pizza is pretty good. It’s on the pricey end, but they load the toppings on there like crazy. We were advised by friends to avoid the breadsticks. Probably a good call. The crust, while delightfully crisp, seemed a […]

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Mint M&M’s

   This one’s a no-brainer These are pretty much crunchy, inside out Junior Mints. They were on sale for 59¢ at the micro-Kroger. I do not feel like I overpaid. I might have spent more. Heck, I practically inhaled the whole bag. I might have even liked them better than Junior Mints.  The question would […]

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Song of the Sea

I don’t always ‘get’ holidays. Today is Easter, a straight-forward celebration of springtime renewal as signified by the resurrection of Jesus, the Son of the God of the Jews, that American Christians observe by gathering together and eating a spiral ham. It just seems weird, It probably shouldn’t bother me. I’m not Jewish. I’m not […]

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Daylight Savings Time

This is pretty much a crock. Who thought this would be a good idea? Mussolini? Only a second-rate fascist would subject the working world to a week of extra suicidal ideation and road rage for a week a half every spring. Seriously, every morning I woke up considering which bridge would be the best one […]

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Dream Review

Lately I’ve been having the worst dreams. Last night I was on a mission for someone, a relative or something. I was supposed to get something from Taco Bell for them. Only the Taco Bell had been shut down, so I was looking for another Taco Bell. I consulted my smartphone. (This might have been […]

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Presidents’ Day!

Because nothing says America like invoking a dead President to shill your wares. We’re only 18 Abraham Lincolns away from our Kickstarter goal to make the Larry the Horrible Time Traveler paperback a reality. Reminder to Portlanders and Tucsonans who are on a budget, there are options to support at the $7 dollar level (1 […]

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