Larry the Horrible Time Traveler


Just when you thought it was safe to eat tacos...
Just when you thought it was safe to eat tacos…

This is the book I wrote. It’s a lark. Imagine if Douglas Adams wrote a book that was a cross between Bill & Ted, Jurassic Park, and Terminator. Then imagine that someone stole the manuscript, changed some things around, muddied the prose up a bit, and tried to pass it off as his own. Then imagine it got self-published.

That’s basically what happened. There was a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the first 130 copies printed. They are for sale. You can buy signed copies straight from me for $10 per copy (plus $3 for shipping US). Orders can be made via paypal.

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Copies are also for sale in Portland, OR at the Peculiarium and in Tucson, AZ at Bookman’s. My brother also has a few copies; he will probably sell you one.

Also, like everything else, you can find it on Amazon.

And, if you like dumb old e-books, here are all the links where you can buy it that way:

iTunes:  Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Amazon: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Nook: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Kobo: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Scribd: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

Inktera: Larry the Horrible Time Traveler

It also appeared in serialized form on this website: JukePop Serials

Thank you for your support.


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